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Have Your Typewriter Serviced

Learn more about having your typewriter serviced by Ocean View Typewriters.

Interested in having your typewriter serviced by Ocean View Typewriters? Complete the Request an Estimate form below, send us an email at, or contact us through Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to include details about your typewriter, such as the typewriter model, approximate year your typewriter was made, and any issues you’re currently experiencing with the machine.


The General Process


  1. An initial estimate will be provided by Ocean View Typewriters using the information provided by the customer. For portable typewriters, servicing starts at $250 CAD and $295 CAD for pre-1940 gloss paint portables. For standard/desktop typewriters, servicing starts at $340 CAD and $415 CAD for pre-1940 gloss paint standards. Parts, repairs, extra cleaning, and new feet will incur additional fees, any of which will be discussed with and approved by the customer.

  2. If the estimate is accepted, upon receiving the typewriter, it will be tested to determine any obvious issues and whether additional work or parts will be needed to repair the machine. An updated estimate will be provided. If shipping is required, follow these guidelines for Shipping a Typewriter. Ocean View Typewriters is not responsible for any shipping damage resulting from its journey to the shop.

  3. Work begins on the typewriter, following the process outlined on the How We Service Typewriters page. The customer will receive periodic updates on the status of the typewriter, and will be notified immediately if any issues arise during the servicing process that will incur additional fees.

  4. When the typewriter is finished, the customer is notified and sent an invoice, outlining incurred fees, and final steps, including pickup or shipping, will be finalized. Typewriters being shipped from our shop are shipped Canada Post Expedited Parcel and fully insured. View our Shipping Policy for more details.


Please note, unless otherwise agreed upon, nonpayment 30 days after invoicing will result in the typewriter becoming the property of Ocean View typewriters.


Explore our gallery of serviced typewriters and typewriters in the Ocean View Typewriters collection.

Typewriter Gallery

Request an Estimate

If you're interested in having a typewriter serviced by Ocean View Typewriters, please take a moment to fill out this form, including details on typewriter model, approximate year typewriter was made, and any issues you're currently having with the machine.

Thanks for submitting!

Please note that typewriters are used vintage or antique items with pre-existing wear and tear. We do our utmost to ensure that all typewriters that leave our shop are in excellent working and cosmetic condition, but they will still show signs of previous use and wear, and they may have small quirks that don’t impact their functionality but that may contribute to a unique typing experience.
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