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How We Service Typewriters

All typewriters sold or serviced through Ocean View Typewriters undergo the same extensive cleaning process.

Step 1

The typewriter is blown out using an air compressor to remove dust and debris. Then the typewriter undergoes testing to determine any obvious issues and whether additional work or parts will be needed to repair the machine.

Remington Portable 3 before servicing

Step 2

The machine is disassembled and stripped down to aid the cleaning process, including the removal of parts such as the body panels, platen, feed rollers, paper plate, ribbon spools, spool holders, platen knobs, and feet. Certain repairs may be undertaken at this stage, if needed. If the typewriter comes with a case, it will also be cleaned, repaired, and derusted.

Disassembled Remington Portable 3 with taped-over keys

Step 3

The stripped down typewriter is cleaned using chemicals designed to remove old oil, grease, correction fluid, and general gunk. Certain repairs may be undertaken at this stage, if needed. The typewriter is then wiped down, and specific areas are oiled. Any polished metal surfaces, such as the carriage return lever, are chemically polished. Typewriter keys are also cleaned at this stage: plastic keys are degreased and waxed; glass keys are degreased and polished.

Remington Portable 3 after cleaning with polished keys

Step 4

The parts removed from the typewriter are cleaned. Small metal components removed from the typewriter are cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner, and larger metal components are cleaned and polished. Painted parts are degreased, treated, and waxed to reinvigorate dull gloss paint and restore wrinkle paint. The platen and feed rollers are degreased, lightly sanded, and treated with Rubber Renue to add grip. The old ribbon is removed from the ribbon spools and replaced with a new high-quality black or black/red ribbon after degreasing them.

Remington Portable 3 finished ribbon cover

Step 5

Once everything is clean, reassembly begins. The typewriter is partially or fully reassembled, depending on the model, before it undergoes a rigorous testing and adjustment process, addressing any outstanding issues. The reassembly process is then completed, followed by additional testing.

Partially reassembled Remington Portable 3

Step 6

The newly serviced typewriter is then photographed in all its splendor, and a type sample is created. The sales and service certificate, demonstrating the typewriter’s excellent working condition, is completed and provided with the typewriter, along with a printout of the user’s manual and a custom-made case tag.

Completed Remington Portable 3
Please note that typewriters are used vintage or antique items with pre-existing wear and tear. We do our utmost to ensure that all typewriters that leave our shop are in excellent working and cosmetic condition, but they will still show signs of previous use and wear, and they may have small quirks that don’t impact their functionality but that may contribute to a unique typing experience.
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