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New Typewriter Ribbon

Ocean View Typewriters offers spooless ribbons! Avoid the waste and reuse your spools!


These high-quality nylon Baco ribbons are available in black and black/red. Ribbons are rolled onsite around a sturdy cardboard centre before being wrapped and sealed for freshness. Each ribbon is 10 yards in length and has eyelets installed.


An installation guide is included with each ribbon and can be found below.


Free shipping on portable typewriter dust covers, ribbons, and button pins.

    1. Optional: Wear disposable gloves.
    2. Remove existing spools and discard old ribbon. (Important: take note of how ribbon attaches to spool.)
    3. Optional: Wipe spools with lightly dampened paper towel and wipe dry.
    4. Remove new ribbon from packaging.
    5. If your typewriter doesn't need eyelets for automatic ribbon reverse, cut off the visible portion of the ribbon with an eyelet.
    6. Attach exposed end to appropriate spool and wind ribbon onto the spool.
    7. When ribbon is fully wound on first spool, if your typewriter doesn't need eyelets for automatic ribbon reverse, cut off the last portion of the ribbon with an eyelet.
    8. Attach other end of ribbon to second spool and wind until nearest eyelet is no longer visible or until the spool has several inches of ribbon wound on it.
    9. Install spools in typewriter by following the directions in your typewriter's user’s manual or by searching for a related how-to YouTube video.
  • At Ocean View Typewriters, we pride ourselves on providing fast and reliable shipping to our customers. All of our products are shipped through Canada Post.


    Smaller items, such as ribbons and button pins, are shipped Canada Post Lettermail.


    Our serviced typewriters are sent Canada Post Expedited Parcel. Our packing methods are designed to protect your typewriter and ensure that it arrives in the same condition that it left our shop. To make sure that all aspects of safe shipping are covered, typewriters are shipped fully insured and have a tracking number.


    A shipping discount may be issued as part of order fulfillment when a customer has ordered multiple items from our shop.


    Ocean View Typewriters currently ships only within Canada. 


    Local pickup is available. Please contact us before placing your order.


    All items sold by Ocean View Typewriters are final sale and nonrefundable unless a refund is approved by Ocean View Typewriters.


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